Analysis system for large rough diamonds.

(System prototype from 1994
rough diamond cutting optimisation with marking)

Additional Info.

2.Software description

Main purpose

  1. Diamond rough marking and evaluation with taking into account types and placing of internal characteristics of inclusions.
  2. Control of bruting and first-step polishing of diamond of alternative marking/cutting positions.
  3. Finding new options of marking.
  4. Creating electronic passports for rough and polished diamonds.

System also can be used for training and education.



Possibilities of the system

model.jpg (51504 bytes)1. Working out the best option of rough diamond marking

2.Precise estimation of

  • Weight of potential polished diamonds
  • Coordinates of inclusions in the rough diamond and in potential diamonds
  • Real images of inclusions and its reflections

3. Automatic printing of marking line.

4. Precise placing of marking line on the rough diamond.

5. Working with different shapes: brilliant, marquise, pear, oval, emerald, flowers, princess and others.

6. Fitting into a rough diamond two and even more polished diamonds.

7. Data export for sawing mashines.


Octonus Software, 1997